Strangled Prose – Joan Hess


4/5 False Identities

On The Back:

She would have killed for a bestseller–but someone beat her to it…

Professor of Passion, the smutty new romance from Mildred Twiller–a.k.a. Azalea Twilight–isn’t the kind of book Claire Malloy likes to hock at her bookstore, but Claire agrees to host a book party for her friend’s trashy tale. As torrid as the novel is, it’s nothing compared to the evening. After the party, poor Mildred is found dead in her home–strangled with a tightly knotted silk scarf. Now it’s up to Claire to find Mildred’s killer, and it won’t be easy–the two-bit author had offended nearly every faculty member she worked with at nearby Faber College. But who could have hated Mildred with such smoldering passion?

My Thoughts:

In some of my spare time over the last few days I’ve been cleaning and going through my bookshelves, and I was honestly shocked to see how many books I had that I forgot about. This was one of them. I had started reading this soon after I first got it almost a year ago but I soon lost interest. However, I have like five books in this series on my shelves and I need the space so I read it to see if I hated it all the way through. Luckily, I didnt. In fact, I really enjoyed this book!

The main character, Claire, had an extremely hilarious, dry sense of humor that I loved and the potential love interest did also. I also loved the way the author portrayed Claire’s daughter, even if she was a bit on the whiny side.

The setting was simply realistic. To me, realistic is one of the highest compliments that can be put on a setting because in many books the setting falls flat, or is too perfect. However, though the setting wasn’t featured, the town did seem quaint and very realistically portrayed. The mystery was onkay, however it was extremely transparent. I saw the killer long before the reveal, and I’m surprised Claire didn’t.

Overall a very good book. I may or may not make this one of my ‘series projects’ (longer series I enjoy enough to read all the way through). I’ve already started the second one, which was also sitting on my shelf for longer than this one had. Recommend!


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