Book Haul (!!!)

I really love buying a group of books at a time. There’s something wonderful about it; you get to look at all of them in a stack and shelve them one by one. It’s an amazing feeling and I love sharing my hauls! This time I got 19 books for about $20.

Number Bought: 19

Price: about $20-ish

Murder at Union Station – Margaret Truman Sounds really good

Hangman’s Root – Susan Wittig Albert Really liked the first one in this series

Berry the Hatchet – Peg Cochran Loved the characters/setting in the first one, let’s hope the dialogue/internal thoughts get better in this one

Murder on Gramercy Park – Victoria Thompson, Mrs. Jeffries & the Yuletide Weddings – Emily Brightwell I’ve been meaning to get around to these series and I probably will soon

Cooking Up Murder – Miranda Bliss Loved this author’s other series she writes under the name Kylie Logan

Cherry Cheesecake Murder – Joanne Fluke One of the few series I don’t ever read in order. I haven’t read this one yet

Death at Wentwater Court – Carola Dunn This was almost brand new at a small thrift store near where I live

Set Sail for Murder – Carolyn Hart Fill a bag for $1 booksale I stumbled on

Tea Chings: The Tea and Herb Companion – The Republic of Tea Love tea and herbs and fill a bad booksale!

Liberating Paris – Linda Bloodworth Thomason Looks okay, may or may not give this away or read it. Fill a bag booksale

Mystery Train, A Crime for Christmas, Buried in Time, The Last Resort, The Paris Connection, Shock Waves, Double Crossing, Dangerous Games – Carolyn Keene My older sister still LOVES these Hardy Boy Nancy Drew Super Mysteries so when I saw them at the fill a bag booksale I grabbed them up. I’ll probably be trying these soon.

I am extremely proud of this haul and with multiple vacations coming up expect more haul posts in the coming months!


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