do take certain ARCs (mostly cooking and mystery books). If you’re wanting to contact me about an ARC head over to my contact page. (RIGHT NOT I AM ACCEPTING REQUESTS!) Unless an author directly contacts me I prefer to go through Netgalley to get my ARCs. All of my reviews on ARCs are clearly marked and are completely my thoughts on the book. If I hate it, I won’t give it 5 stars.

ARCs Currently on the Pile (Release Date, soonest date review will be published*):

  • Death in D Minor – Alexia Gordon – Henery Press (11 July, Anytime)
  • On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service – Rhys Bowen – Berkley (01 August, July 24)
  • Pudding Up With Murder – Julia Buckley – Berkley (05 September, 29 August)
  • A Christmas Peril – J.A. Hennrikus – Midnight Ink (08 September, 08 August)
  • That Last Weekend – Laura DiSilverio – Midnight Ink (08 September, 08 August)
  • Asking for Truffle – Dorothy St. James – Crooked Lane Books (12 September, Anytime)
  • Weycombe – G.M. Malliet – Midnight Ink (08 October. 08 September)
  • A Cajun Christmas Killing – Ellen Byron – Crooked Lane Books (20 October, Anytime)
  • Death Overdue – Allison Brook – Crooked Lane Books (20 October, Anytime)
  • Twelve Slays of Christmas – Jacqueline Frost – Crooked Lane Books (20 October, Anytime)
  • A Fatal Collection – Marry Ellen Hughes – Midnight Ink (08 November, 08 October)
  • A Deadly Eclair – Daryl Wood Gerber – Crooked Lane Books (17 November, Anytime)

.*based on publisher preferences; may not be when I read or write my review, but I will schedule my review for this date or later)

I reserve the right to decline any ARC requests that I do not wish to take on!
number of Advanced Copies waiting to be read: 12