Donna Andrews / M.C. Beaton – Review Shots

Last week was absolutely crazy and I didn’t have a chance to write up reviews for the two books I read. So, here are two review “shots” (aka paragraph-length short reviews). This week shouldn’t be so crazy, so expect more reviews soon!

19561910 4.5/5 Christmas Show Houses

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love Donna Andews’ Meg Langslow series. Meg is a dynamite character who doesn’t take any nonsense. She is absolutely a hoot, but she’s not my favorite character. Meg’s mother is by far my favorite. She is Meg on steroids, and I love her! The mystery was solid, but I wasn’t really surprised by the killer. I love the Christmas setting, and I love the humor Donna Andrews masterfully adds into her work. Highly Recommend!

181665 4/5 Thick as Pea Soup Fogs

My Thoughts:

Agatha Raisin’s forwardness is legendary. She is hilarious, and I love her! However, this mystery fell slightly from the quality of the previous book. To begin with, the mystery was extremely transparent. The killer was projected from the first hundred pages, and didn’t stop being projected until the end. However, this book was still above-normal in it’s quality. As I said above, Agatha is a wonderfully written character, and I’m genuinely excited to read the next one. Recommend!



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