Cozy Mystery Publishers: Post “Save Our Cozies”

Part of my post series on cozy mystery publishers.

Well, the “Save Our Cozies” movement has significantly died off, and, in the aftermath, it looks as if there has been some major changes since my cozy mystery publishers post series came out last year. Former major cozy publishers have slacked off, and some minor publishers have pushed further into the cozy market. Because of this I’ve decided to do a monthly report card on each publisher, simply breaking down how they promoted cozies on social media, how many new series were published, and how many total cozies were published. More on that will come later, however. Today I just want to examine the publishers, and rank them, by how I feel they are now in the cozy world.

If you recall, in my original series of posts, I ranked Berkley and Kensington as “The Powerhouses,” Minotaur, Henery Press, and Midnight Ink as “The Next Three,” and Crooked Lane Books as “The Newbie.” Those rankings have drastically changed in the mere year since I created those posts.

The Big One


Based on their scheduled releases and recent releases Kensington is leading the pack. More new series (including some from preestablished authors like Ellery Adams and Krista Davis!!!) and more continued cozy releases has set the publisher apart from the rest. Though their paperbacks still aren’t at Berkley’s quality, they aren’t bad quality at all! They still have tons of sales, and have proven themselves to be the foremost cozy publisher. Kensington has also started picking up popular series dropped by Berkley, such as Ellery Adam’s Book Retreat series, and Krista Davis’s Domestic Diva mysteries (both of which I highly recommend!).

The Next Two

Crooked Lane Books

I hesitated to list Crooked Lane as second on this list, but, based on their releases, and their future series they’re picking up, they deserve it. I’ve gotten the chance to read more books from Crooked Lane, and the ones I’ve read have all been very good. However, their books all (so far) have come out in hardcover first, making them expensive. Their ebooks are also higher priced than some other publishers on this list. However, they have released their books in paperback a year later, and, like Kensington, they have been picking up former Berkley series. Series like the County Cork series by Sheila Connolly and the Lighthouse Library series by Eva Gates (!!!) have been picked up.


Sadly, Berkley has fallen behind, and, judging from it’s release schedule for the next year, it will continue to lose it’s place as one of the biggest cozy mystery publishers. There are no new cozy series (that I’ve seen, though I may be wrong) that are in Berkley’s publishing queue. They continue cutting series, and, because of that, they are falling behind as the premier cozy publisher. However, they still publish great quality books, and have occasional sales on ebooks.

Final Three

Henery Press / Midnight Ink / Minotaur Books

The next three I’m going to put in one, because they have kept the pace they were at my earlier post. Henery Press has picked up a few series that were independently published, but besides that, they haven’t made any significant cuts or gains in cozy mysteries. The same goes for Midnight Ink and Minotaur.

Overall the huge cozy cut seems to have ended for now, and some publishers have taken up a larger share of the cozy market. Overall however, the best thing we can do as cozy lovers is buy. Buy your books the first week after the release, because that’s the most important time for authors in the publisher’s eyes. If you can’t afford to buy books new, review. Write reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, your blog, or any type of social media or book buying website. Finally, read. If we stopped reading, then there would be no need for authors. So, continue to read and love your books, and, if you can, buy new the first week after and write a review!

Let’s support our cozy authors!


3 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery Publishers: Post “Save Our Cozies”

  1. This is interesting post. I do reviews on my WordPress blog. They are mostly ARC’s. I like Kensington books. I usually request there book. Next is Henery Press, I have yet to find a book from that I didn’t like. Some of new favorites are from them. The other published I don’t often see books from them. I have been disappointed in Berkeley I do like some of their books. I have almost decided not to request their books.
    Another change I have noticed they are now releasing several books the same day. I make a point to have read the ARC and published the review the day the book is released.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, when I did tons of ARC’s, Kensington was my favorite, also. In fact, it’s because of Netgalley that I started reading more Kensington, simply because they released more new series, so I’d always try and read the series debuts. I really like Crooked Lane, and Henery, also, though I find it hard to find either in bookstores. The quality of Berkley’s paperback books, however, is what makes me love them, and Midnight Ink and Minotaur both publish some of my favorite historical cozies. I guess you could say that I love all of them!

      Liked by 1 person

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