Cozy Mysteries – Where Should I Start?

When I first entered the cozy mystery world a few years back I was astounded; how could there be this many mystery series in a genre? It was overwhelming, however, once I started researching, and reading I found that the cozy world isactually a small world. It may seem huge to start with, but it doesn’t feel that way once you fall in love with the genre. However, this is still a problem and question many people ask; “Where do I start?”

Starting a new series of any kind may seem daunting, but I encourage you to start at the beginning  of a series. Many cozy series have continuing subplots that continue through multiple books, so starting at the beginning helps the series to flow better.

Next, don’t ready too many books in a row. Many cozy series span ten or more books, and it’s easy to get burnt out. I know some people who read a series through and feel fine about it, but, for me at least, that’s not true. I rarely read more than one book in a row, if it’s a really good series I’ll read two books in a row, but that’s it.

Third, know what you want. Don’t start reading a series focused on pets, if you hate pets! With cozies, there are hundreds of series you can pick on hundreds of different topics, so you can always find a series that suits your needs.

So if you follow those three guidelines, you’re probably already off to a good start, and if we’re being honest, most people do those three things anyway without even thinking about it.

Finally, I have a list of some authors and series for different tastes that I loved and recommend, you can find them over at my recommendations page.


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