Turkey Day Murder – Leslie Meier


3/5 Tom Turkeys

On The Back:

Tinker’s Cove has a long history of Thanksgiving festivities, from visits with TomTom Turkey to the annual Warriors high school football game and Lucy Stone’s impressive pumpkin pie. But this year, someone has added murder to the menu, and Lucy intends to discover who left Metinnicut Indian activist Curt Nolan deader than the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey—with an ancient war club next to his head.

The list of suspects isn’t exactly a brief one. Nolan had a habit of disagreeing with just about everybody he met. Between fixing dinner for twelve and keeping her four kids from tearing each other limb from limb, Lucy has a pretty full plate already. So what’s a little investigation? But if she’s not careful, she just may find herself served up as a last-minute course, stone-cold dead with all the trimmings…

My Thoughts:

Another in a series I’m currently working my way through, Turkey Day Murder was one of my least favorite in this series so far.

I mostly like Lucy. She’s kind and caring, but she honestly has no spine when it comes to her husband. Her husband who, in this book, told her that she should’ve been cleaning the house instead. It was so infuriating,a dn, if you cannot tell, I absolutely CANNOT stand Bill!

The mystery was good, though parts of it were slightly obvious and the ending was too perfect for my taste. I know this is a short review, but I really have nothing else to say about the book. Overall a good book that would’ve benefitted if Bill would’ve been away on a trip.


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