A Killer Maize – Paige Shelton


3/5 Corn Mazes

On The Back:

Becca Robbins is selling her farm-made jams and preserves at a county fair where business is not the only thing that’s dead…

The last person Becca expects to run into at the Swayton County Fall Festival is her ex-husband, Scott Triplett, who’s operating a shooting gallery. Honesty was not always Scott’s policy, and their unexpected reunion is further complicated when the festival becomes a crime scene. On Becca’s second day there, Ferris wheel operator Virgil Morrison is found hanging from his rickety ride, dead from a gunshot.

As Becca starts to notice Scott suspiciously sneaking around the fairgrounds, she begins to worry her ex may be involved in the murder. Then there’s the shadow she sees in the creepy corn maze and rumors of a gypsy curse—not to mention Virgil’s mysterious spider tattoo. Now Becca must search through a labyrinth of lies, secrets, and superstition to find a kernel of truth…before the killer starts stalking her.

My Thoughts:

It’s been quite a bit (October of last year, in fact) since I’ve read a book in this series, and lately I’ve been trying to not only attack my TBR shelves (which were about to burst) but also read some books in series that I started but stopped for one reason or another. This book fit the bill, so I decided to go ahead and give it a go. I honestly have to say, it disappointed me.

Becca is great, though I still feel like she’s a little bit naive and shallow. She’s a part of a love triangle and people keep telling her the right choice (which is right in front of her face!!!) but she drags her feet. The author tried and succeeded in creating tension in the relationship, but it didn’t really improve my feelings on the entire thing. The secondary characters, however, were great! They all are fleshed out and I honestly feel they’re more relatable than Becca.

The mystery was okay, but there was a huge clue like 75 pages before the ending, so it wasn’t really a surprise. I honestly liked the setting of Bailey’s better than the county fair setting, also.

My main complaint, and the reason I rated this a low three stars, was I lost interest in the book. The last 100 pages or so felt like they dragged to me. It was probably my mood I’m in (I’ve been so busy with other things) but it was still disappointing.

Overall a mediocre book. However, I loved the second and third in this series, so I hope the next one improves.


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