Fool’s Puzzle – Earlene Fowler


4/5 Antique Quilts

On The Back:

Leaving behind memories of her late husband, Benni Harper is making a fresh start…Moving to the trendy California town of San Celina, she takes an exciting new job as director of a folk-art museum. While setting up an exhibit of handmade quilts, she stumbles upon the body of a brutally stabbed artist. Hoping to conduct an investigation on her own, she crosses paths with the local police chief, who thinks this short and sassy cowgirl should leave detecting to the cops and join him for dinner. But it’s hard to keep a country girl down, and soon Benni uncovers an alarming pattern of family secrets, small-town lies–and the shocking truth about the night her husband died…

My Thoughts:

Even though I had heard nothing but good reviews of this book, I let it sit on my shelves for more than two years. Fool’s Puzzle delves deep into a western small-town and exposes secrets and lies. It was an excellent first-in-a-series book!

Benni is absolutely hilarious and she’s 100% real. I can totally see a woman like her living in a small town in the west. Chief Gabe Oritz was also well-written. I loved his scenes with Benni and found most of them to be laugh-out-loud hilarious. Dove, Elvira, and Rita were also all joys to read about.

The mystery was wonderful. I didn’t see the killer coming until the ending, and it all was pieced together wonderfully. From what we saw of the setting I loved it, though I could have used a tad bit more to help me picture things like Benni’s house.

Overall, however, a stand-out read. I will be reading the next one.



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