Assaulted Pretzel – Laura Bradford


4/5 Amish Pretzels

On The Back:

Claire Weatherly found the simple life she always wanted when she opened a gift shop in Heavenly, Pennsylvania—a small town in the heart of Amish country. But when murder disrupts her Heavenly home, it’s up to Claire and Detective Jakob Fisher to find the not-so-simple truth.

The quiet town of Heavenly is buzzing with excitement over the latest guests at the local inn, Sleep Heavenly. Toy manufacturer Rob Karble is in town to meet the members of the Amish community who will soon be crafting a new toy line for his company. But when word gets out that Karble intends to use the Amish designs without employing the Amish to make them, someone sends the interloper to his final reward.

No one wants to believe anyone from the Amish community could commit such an act, but as Claire and Detective Fisher have learned, no one is above sin—or suspicion.

My Thoughts:

Though not quite as good as the first, Assaulted Pretzel was a wonderfully engaging book that I enjoyed.

Claire is the same wonderful MC she was portrayed to be in the first book. Benjamin and Jakob are also wonderful, but for them it’s a bad thing, in my opinion. If, and that’s a big if, I like a love triangle in my mysteries it’s only if one of the characters will be a clear winner. That didn’t happen here, though, and it’s honest to goodness annoying because both men are portrayed as equally great guys.

Diane grated on my nerves a bit, also. She was portrayed as such a strong character in the first book, but in this book she reversed all of that and became so fragile it was annoying. If an author’s going to make a strong character please keep them at least moderately strong.

The mystery was well thought out. It was filled with twists and turns and I honestly didn’t know what would happen next.

Overall a very solid book that I enjoyed! I will be reading the next one.


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