Evans Above – Rhys Bowen


4/5 Welsh Mountains

On The Back:

Evan Evans, a young police constable, has traded city life for that of Llanfair – an idyllic Welsh village. Nestling in the Snowdonia mountain range, Llanfair looks to Evans like a town forgotten by time, but he quickly learns that even the bucolic countryside has its share of eccentric – and deadly – characters. Evans’s new neighbours include two competitive ministers vying for the souls of their flock, one lascivious barmaid, and three other Evanses: Evans-the-Meat; Evans-the-Milk and Evans-the-Post (whose favourite hobby is to read the mail before he delivers it).

Before Evans has time to sort through the complicated relationships and rivalries of his new home, he’s called to the scene of a crime as brutal and fearsome as any he encountered in the big city. Two hikers have been murdered on the trails of the local mountain, and Evans must hunt down a vicious killer – who may or may not be linked to the mysterious destruction of Mrs. Powell-Jones’ prize-winning tomatoes.

My Thoughts:

Let me start off by saying that Rhys Bowen is hands down the best historical mystery author I’ve ever read. She manages to combine true events and her characters so well that you wonder if her characters couldn’t have really been at these events. However, I’ve finished her Royal Spyness series (though I have the ARC for the next one sitting on my Nook!) and her Molly Murphy series, so that left me with only one more series to read; the Constable Evan Evans mystery series. I can say that, though not quite as good as her historical mysteries, this book was excellent!

Evan was an extremely likable character. He was smart, funny, and yet he wasn’t perfect, he had his faults, and those faults made him seem like a more relatable character. The rest of the characters were also wonderful, and endearing. I cannot wait to read more about them!

The setting was absolutely idyllic. Thanks to this book Wales was just added to my bucket list of places I want to visit before I die. The mystery was solid, however, the killer was projected quite forcefully about 10-15 pages before the reveal, which made the reveal slightly disappointing.

Overall a very good book! I will be reading the next one. Highly recommend.


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