A Killer Crop – Sheila Connolly


4.5/5 Dickenson Families

On The Back:

After an English professor-and old friend of her mother-is found dead in a cider house, orchard owner Meg Corey starts to wonder: Could her own mother have committed murder?

My Thoughts:

It’s been quite a while since I read the first three in this series; almost two years to be exact. I’d started this book soon after reading the third one and I just never really got passed page 40. However, after pushing through Grace Among Thieves and loving it I decided to pick this one back up and see if I could get anywhere with it. I did and I’m happy to say that this was a wonderful book!

Meg Corey is an awesome main character. She works hard, isn’t nosy, and cares about the people around her. We meet her mother in this book, and I have to admit she may have been what turned me off at first, but she did a complete turnaround later in the book and I loved reading about her. I sincerely hope she reappears in the next book!

The setting was beautiful. Fall is my favorite of the seasons, so any book set in autumn automatically makes me want to read it. The mystery was also solid, if a bit abnormal at the ending.

Overall a solid, very good book. I will read the next one soon! Highly recommend.


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