Review Shot: Valentine Murder – Leslie Meier

*Note: Sorry for the lack of posts, I was on vacation last week, so instead of posting full reviews for the few books I read while on vacation I’m going to post “review shots” which are simply very short reviews that give you the gist of what I felt about the book. I based this idea off of James Patterson’s new book shots which are simply shortened books, and I’m terribly sorry if anyone had this idea before me.*



4/5 Valentine’s Chocolates

This series just can’t level out for me. One book is extremely good, and the next is extremely disappointing. I stick with it because just when I feel like screaming the series gets good, but then it backs off again. Ugh. This book, however, was one of the more solid in the series. The characters were mostly good. Bill was slightly better in this book, though as a character I still can’t stand him most of the time. The mystery was superb. I absolutely love any mystery set in the snow; it just adds something to the entire story. Overall, pretty solid; I’m currently reading the next one.


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