As always whenever I’m on vacation I have to stop by numerous bookshops and I definitely fulfilled that on this trip. I brought back TONS of books!

Number of books bought: 45

Money Spent: $80

Nook Books:

I’m going to start with the few Nook books I bought before my trip. These were all on sale (and one was free!!!)

Shards of Murder – Cheryl Hollon read and enjoyed the first one in this series, so fingers crossed for this one

Murder on a Silver Platter – Shawn Reilly Simmons all the reviews I’ve read so far were positive

Cutthroat Business – Jenna Bennett Very positive on Goodreads (and FREE!!!)

Books already owned:

I bought four books I’d already read because the price was right and I enjoyed them the first time! Three of them were ARCs when I read them, and the other was from the library.

Reading Up a Storm – Eva Gates

Stiff Competition – Annelise Ryan

Grace Under Pressure – Julie Hyzy

And Then There Were Nuns – Kylie Logan


Life of Pi – Yann Martel Heard wonderful things about this book, and the cover was absolutely wonderful

The Last Days, The Last Jihad, The Copper Scroll, The Ezekiel Option, Dead Heat, Damascus Countdown, The Tehran Initiative, The Twelfth Imam, The Auschwitz Escape, The Third Target, The First Hostage – ALL BY Joel C Rosenberg I was given these by a family member while on vacation. They sound more spy-thriller esque but I’d appreciate any thoughts from people who have read them. They’re very popular, so they must be at least okay.


I’m almost ashamed by how many books I bought but then I look again and I’m not! A lot of these books came from a small bookshop in the town my sister lives, and the rest came from a huge bookshop in Florida. Both bookshops were used. Only two came from a different book store.

Rules of Murder & Death by the Book – Juliana Deering I love historical mysteries set in the ’20-30s

Dear Miss Demeanor & Busy Bodies – Joan Hess I read the first two and loved them

The Main Corpse & Prime Cut – Diane Mott Davidson Just finished the 5th in the series and loved it, so here’s the 6th and 8th

Crowned and Moldering – Kate Carlisle Enjoyed the first ones in this series

A Deadly Tail – Dixie Lyle Loved the first one, and I couldn’t refuse the price

Death Under Glass – Jennifer McAndrews Couldn’t refuse the price

Foul Play at the Fair – Shelley Freydont Have the second one in this series on the shelf

The Cranefly Orchid Murders – Cynthia Riggs Have the first and third on the shelf, so of course I bought the second

Murder in Mesopotamia – Agatha Christie I NEED to read more Christie

Murder at the PTA – Laura Alden Been looking for this one for awhile

The Main Mutiny & Nashville Noir – Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain One of those series where you can read them out of order, so whenever I find them for cheap I pick them up

The Readaholics and the Poirot Puzzle – Laura DiSilverio First one was decent

Shadows at the Fair – Lea Wait Sounded good

Murder Between the Covers – Elaine Viets Liked the first one

A Killer Maize – Paige Shelton Maybe if I have it on my shelf I’ll actually read it and continue the series

Poisoned Prose – Ellery Adams ^^^

Murder of a Sleeping Beauty & Murder of a Snake in the Grass – Denise Swanson Swanson paints and EXTREMELY accurate portrait of the Illinois I love

Blessed Is The Busybody – Emilie Richards I keep seeing later books in the series at a local used bookstore and I could never find the first one, well I found it!

Just Desserts – G.A. McKevett I’ve been looking for this for awhile now

Q is for Quarry – Sue Grafton One of those series that I keep telling myself I’ll complete one day

Bound for Murder – Laura Childs First one was decent, second one made me fall in love with the characters, let’s see what the third one does!

Well, that’s all folks. Hope you have a haul soon!



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