Photo Finished – Laura Childs


4/5 Halloween Galas

On The Back:

New Orleans scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrand is hosting a late-night “Crop Till You Drop” session-when a neighboring antique-shop owner winds up murdered in the alley. Now, the scrapbooking expert must rearrange the jumble of clues and pick out the killer.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been tearing up my TBR shelves. With almost 300 books I OWN that I HAVEN’T read, it’s not like I don’t have options and in the last month alone I read 8. This is my 9th from my TBR and I’m actually enjoying this catch-up.

In Keepsake Crimes, I found the characters to be extremely flat, and the overdescription of Mardi Gras to be annoying. However, this book remedied both! With vivid characters and an absolutely wonderful setting, Photo Finished was a great, light read for a rainy day!

As I said above, in the last book the characters were flat; however they all rounded out in this book. Carmela, Ava, Shamus, Baby, and Tandy were all wonderful and I hope they reappear in the next book. Gabby’s husband, Stuart, was incredibly annoying, but he was supposed to be that way so it didn’t hurt the book any.

The setting and descriptions both make your mouth water and almost convince you to move to New Orleans now. They’re both filled with local charm and I enjoyed reading about New Orleans live.

The only thing that really fell flat for me was the mystery. It was okay but it really lacked the “wow” factor and the ending scene was so over the top with Carmela and the murderer that I almost found it humorous.

Overall a very solid second book! I will not be waiting as long to read the third one as I did to read this one. Recommend!


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