May Reading Review

In May I went through each and every book I own and recatalogued them. It had needed to be done for months, as I got new books in and got rid of other books, but I finally found the time in late May. After re cataloguing I had a stack of over 70 books I sold to a local used bookstore for store credit (someone’d better come running with new shelves soon because I got over $100 in store credit!) and as I was going through those books I realized that I had some gems that I’d forgotten about. So, because of that most of the books I read in May were directly off my TBR pile and June will probably be the sale way.

Books Read: 12

Best Books of May:

  1. Tea Cups and Carnage – Lynn Cahoon
  2. Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter – Blaise Clement
  3. Dead Man’s Island – Carolyn Hart
  4. This Old Homicide – Kate Carlisle
  5. Some Like it Hawk – Donna Andrews

Yearly Challenge: 60/180

Cruisin’ Through the Cozies Challenge: 48/130

Mount TBR Challenge: 14/12 (I’m probably going to extend this to 24 books)

Overall May was a pretty good month for me!


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