Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter – Blaize Clement


4.5/5 Cat Sitters

On The Back:

Dixie Hemingway knows first-hand that many things in life are worse than a dirty litter box. Once happy as a Florida sheriff’s deputy, she lost everything when senseless tragedy shattered her world. Now Dixie laces up her sneakers, grabs some kitty treats, and copes with one day at a time as a pet-sitter. Her investigations deal strictly with “crimes” such as who peed on the bed . . . until she finds a dead man face down in an Abyssinian’s water bowl. With the local cops stymied—including a handsome detective who catches her eye—she decides to clip a leash on a lead or two and go sleuthing herself. Dixie soon finds out that the Abyssinian’s pretty owner has vanished and left behind a shocking past, a lonely cat, and a chilling reason for Dixie to start running when she’s out walking the dogs.

My Thoughts:

I simply couldn’t put this book down; it was THAT good! I started this last night and went to bed with 80 pages read, but every single spare second I got today I picked it back up. Filled with stunning descriptions and chilling scenes this book was by far a winner!

Dixie was one of the realest, most relatable MCs I’ve read in a while. She was blunt, yet Ms. Clement did a wonderful job of making her perfectly realistic and in no way was Dixie annoying. The other characters (Dixie’s brother, the detective) were also wonderful and relatable.

The setting was also wonderful. Many authors have recently been making their settings so pretentious, and uppity that it’s driven a wedge between the book and me. However, this setting was wonderful in the fact that it was not pretentious or uppity. The mystery was the only lackluster part of the book. It had heart-pounding moments, sure, but the killer was obvious for awhile before the reveal.

Overall a superb book. I will be read the next one and I highly recommend!


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