Cozy Mystery Publishers: The Authors

Part of the cozy mystery publisher series.

With drastic cuts recently at Penguin Random House (which publishes Berkley Prime Crime/NAL) in the cozy mystery genre many readers are wondering what’s going to happen to their favorite series. Will the author continue to publish their books under a different publishing house? Will they drop the series, or will they independently publish their series? Because of these questions, I decided to explore the path of independent/self publishing and tell a little about it. It is one of the most popular forms of publishing when it comes to cozy mysteries.

Traditional to Indie/Self Publishing

I’m going to start with authors going from traditional publishers to independently publishing for many different reasons. Many authors have switched from traditional publishing to indie bu their own accord and many have found success going that route.

I don’t know for sure why some of these authors switched but some more prominent authors who went to self-publishing in one or more series either to wrap up the series or to simply write more in a series include Joyce and Jim Lavene, Kate Parker, Heather Webber, Ellen Byerrum, and Elizabeth Spann Crain (who wrote a great blog post about why she switched).

Though it may not work for everyone, many authors have made a wonderful living in the self-publishing world. Being self-published has many pros, some of which include, quick publishing times, the authors get almost all (if not all) of the input on the book (they don’t have to change a plotline if they don’t feel they need to), and they are often cheaper (or even free!) to buy in ebook format.

However, there are some major cons with many, though by no means all, self-published books that I have seen just in my comparisons between self-published books I’ve bought vs traditional books I’ve bought, not to mention many of these were mentioned in a variety of articles I read on this topic. First, traditional publishing usually comes with a cover designer, marketing team, and professional editor. I’ve seen some Indie books who’s cover alone turned me off of the book, but other indie books I though were published by a big-name company because of the cover; honestly the cover makes or breaks the book for me, if I don’t like the cover, 99% chance I won’t even buy or read the book. However, there are tons of graphic artists who are available for hire that can create professional-looking covers.

As the cozy-mystery world of traditional publishing continuously gets smaller thanks to cuts by big publishers, the independently published cozies are exponentially growing.

I’ve compiled a small list of some great articles from authors on independent publishing, if you have time , and are interested, I highly recommend reading these:



2 thoughts on “Cozy Mystery Publishers: The Authors

  1. Mark

    With all of the changes going on in publishing, it is a very interesting world right now, isn’t it? I will be interested in seeing what happens when the dust settles, although I’m not looking forward to some of the pain along the way.

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