You’re Going to Hate Me, but…

I just bought 24 more books. Yes, you read that right, and yes this is a haul post. It seems like I rarely buy books in the winter but in the summer I have haul after haul after haul, but I’m alright with that! I got all of these for a great price and I’d already read 9 of them, but for their price it was totally worth buying them.

Books Bought: 24

Price Paid: $6

Already Read:

All of these I’ve already read and I enjoyed them enough to get them. (The price helped matters some!)

Pane and Suffering – Cheryl Hollon

The Diva Wraps it Up, The Diva Digs Up the Dirt – Krista Davis corny titles but a really solid series

The Christie Curse – Victoria Abbott

Clammed Up- Barbara Ross

Home of the Braised – Julie Hyzy

Book, Line, and Sinker – Jenn McKinlay

Pies and Prejudice, Peach Pies and Alibis – Ellery Adams


First Degree Fudge – Christine De Smet, You Cannoli Die Once – Shelley Costa, Bran New Death – Victoria Hamilton All first in a series books, here’s to hoping they’re actually good!

A Dish Best Served Cold – Rosie Genova, Scam Chowder – Maya Corrigan, Murder Hooks a Mermaid – Christie Fifield, Bowled Over – Victoria Hamilton, The Scarlet Pepper – Dorothy St. James, Dyeing Wishes – Molly MacRae, If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance – Paige Shelton, Recipe for Treason – Andrea Penrose, All Natural Murder – Staci McLaughlin All in series that I either have parts of, or I’ve started reading

Murder for the Halibut – Liz Lipperman, Battered to Death – Gayle Trent Two wild cards!

I’m in love with this haul and I can hardly wait to start reading some of them!


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