Dead Man’s Island – Carolyn G. Hart


4.5/5 Island Mansions

On The Back:

Few men would respond to an attempt on their life with an invitation to the killer to try again. But arrogant, daredevil media magnate Chase Prescott has done just that, while issuing an urgent summons to the one person he trusts to point out the would-be murderer…his long-ago colleague and lover, retired newshound Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins. After a lifetime covering disasters and revolutions, murders and public scandals, Henrie O is more than content to confine her energy to writing mysteries. And her feelings of unease only increase when she arrives at Chase’s opulent house on his private island off the South Carolina coast – an island that has more than earned its name. It seems that Chase, with his usual high-octane charm and confidence, never called the police when cyanide-laced candy nearly killed him in his New York home. Instead, he has assembled on Dead Man’s Island everyone who could have planted the lethal dose: Miranda, his lovely unstable young wife; Haskell Lee, his sullen stepson whose dreams Chase will not finance; his son Roger Prescott, afire for Prescott Communications to cover environmental and social issues instead of capitalist concerns; and his platinum-haired ex-sister-in-law Valerie St. Vincent, a beauty desperate for the money to stage her Broadway comeback. And then there is Chase’s staff – from his Type A heir apparent to his toady of a secretary – who have their own secret ambitions. When Chase barely escapes a murderous spray of bullets on a secluded sandy beach, Henrie O unearths a will, an insurance policy, and a scurrilous unauthorized biography that could give any one of Chase’s intimate circle an even graver motive for murder. But which one? NowHenrie O’s sharp writer’s mind must work overtime, as a killer hurricane sweeps up from Cuba to maroon the lot of them in this vacation hell…where the trappings of luxury are soon put to deadly use, and where the secrets of the past threaten to engulf them all.

My Thoughts:

I don’t know why I picked up this book. I was craving another historical mystery but as I sat on the floor surrounded by books that I’d read the first page of this book practically leapt at me from its shelf. I absolutely loved it. It was filled with what I love best, a MC with a stiff upper-lip, a closed-room mystery, and an outside threat looming on the horizon.

As I stated above the MC had a stiff upper-lip. I absolutely love that in a character; it makes the character seem more collected and wise to me, and Henrie most certainly came off as collected and wise. The secondary characters were also great, I really hope to see them in the next book, however that’s doubtful.

The mystery was a classic closed-room mystery with a limited pool of suspects. The reveal was slightly anticlimactic to me, but then the author pulled out a second reveal that I slightly expected, but it nevertheless blew me away.

Overall I simply loved this book. I already have the next one ordered and I highly recommend!


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