Just Killing Time – Julianne Holmes


4/5 Clock Shops

On The Back:

First in a new cozy series that ticks with excitement and mystery!

Ruth Clagan may be an expert clockmaker, but she’s always had a tendency to lose track of time. And when trying to solve a murder, every minute counts…

Ruth’s beloved grandfather instilled in her a love of timepieces. Unfortunately after her grandmother died and he remarried, Ruth and Grandpa Thom became estranged. She’s wanted to reconnect after her recent divorce, but sadly they’ve run out of time. Her grandfather has been found dead after a break-in at his shop—and the police believe he was murdered.

Now Ruth has been named the heir to Grandpa Thom’s clock shop, the Cog & Sprocket, in the small Berkshire town of Orchard, Massachusetts. As soon as she moves into the small apartment above the shop and begins tackling the heaps of unfinished work, Ruth finds herself trying to stay on the good side of Grandpa’s bossy gray cat, Bezel, while avoiding the step-grandmother she never wanted. But as old secrets and grudges start to surface, Ruth will have to kick into high gear to solve the killer case before someone else winds up dead…

My Thoughts:

To be completely honest, I bought this book because the cover reminded me of the Coffeehouse Mystery Series’ covers. I’m glad I did, because this was a very solid start in a series.

The MC was strong and unwaverable, but yet she was realistically strong. Some MCs keep a ‘stiff upper-lip’ in every single situation and it seems like they’re superman. However, Ruth was appropriately strong, yet weak at the same time. The secondary characters were also wonderful, especially Caroline, I really hope we see more of her in the next book!

I loved Orchard, absolutely loved it. It was everything I’d expect in a New England town; clannish, yet not clannish at the same time. However, I honestly can’t see a shop that has a small niche group of customers, like a clock shop, surviving and prospering in a town that small.

The only real down point of this story was the entire mystery aspect of it. The mystery was extremely transparent and I saw the killer coming early on in the story. It was extremely anticlimactic and the mystery just fell flat for me.

Overall a very solid first book. I’ll be reading the next one; recommend.


One thought on “Just Killing Time – Julianne Holmes

  1. Mark

    Again, I’m right there with you. The mystery could have been stronger, but the characters and settings were just so much fun. I can’t wait to revisit them.

    Liked by 1 person

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