Paws and Claws Mystery Series – Krista Davis

Part of the recommendations post series.

Krista Davis is one of my favorite authors. She consistently writes good books that not only let you get emotionally attached to the characters but you find yourself lost in the quality of the mystery. So, that’s why I decided to add both of her perfectly amazing series to my recommendations series.

Holly Miller comes back to her grandmother’s inn in Wagtail, Virginia after her life falls apart and she finds what she needs most; a home. Filled with fun characters, adorable pets, and an absolutely to die for setting, this series is one I look forward to!

I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern in my recommendations by now; I love a strong, independant MC who can stand up for themself. Holly is exactly that. I love the secondary characters also, they all meld together to make Wagtail an exceedingly wonderful town that I love.

The town of Wagtail itself is a huge character; it’s absolutely idyllic! Imagine a town where pets are allowed everywhere, no cars are allowed (only golf carts), and each restaurant has a special pet menu. It sounds like a dream.

Krista Davis has a talent with mystery. The weaving of clues, suspects, and events always blend together to form a web of a mystery that is complicated, but when the killer’s revealed it’s always a person you should’ve suspected, but didn’t. One of the absolute best actual mystery plots from Ms. Davis was in the last Paws and Claws book, Murder Most Howl, it was almost a closed room mystery and I got chills during parts of it. It was absolutely splendid!

Overall one of the best new(ish) series on the cozy market. I highly recommend this series, and every book by this author!


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