The Real Macaw – Donna Andrews


5/5 Macaws

On The Back:

During an early-morning feeding for her four-month-old twins, Meg Langslow hears an odd noise and goes downstairs to find her living room filled with cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a stunningly foul-mouthed macaw. What the—bleep—is going on here?

Turns out that a financially-strapped local animal shelter has repealed its no-kill policy and, in an act of protest led in part by Meg’s own zoologist grandfather, the animals have been stolen and resettled around town. But now the volunteer who helped transport the shelter animals has turned up dead. The animal-rights activist’s untimely death seems very, very wrong… Was it the result of a lover’s quarrel? Or is something—or someone—more sinister at play? And, arguably as important, will Meg ever rid her home of these pesky houseguests and get back to the business of nesting with her newborns? Squawk.

My Thought:

Ugh, three great books in a row, this luck cannot hold forever. This book was a wonderful book in an absolutely engaging series. One of my favorite parts about this series is the simple fact that you can not read a book in it for like a month, but when you come to the next book it feels like you’re visiting old friends.

Meg is a great MC. Surrounded by quirky characters she keeps her cool and is dependable reliable in the most devastating situations. I loved her kids and reading about her family is always a treat.

I absolutely adored the premise of the town feud. It added suspense, humor, and intrigue to the story. I really hope they continue it in the next few books. The mystery was also great, I was semi-surprised by the ending and I wasn’t expecting the motive.

Overall this was a wonderful book. Highly recommend!



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