Maggie Hope Mystery Series — Susan Elia MacNeal

I love history, and one of the most riveting times of history in the world, to me, was from the start of World War I to the end of World War II. You have two shattering wars that involved most of the world, a depression, and a time of growth and prosperity all in about 30 years. It’s crazy to think how much the world progressed and changed in those 30 years; Earth was literally a different place after World War II. The Maggie Hope mystery series takes place during World War II, and it exemplifies everything I imagined the world would be then; gritty, raw, and yet resilient and entirely full of hope.

Maggie starts as a secretary to one of the most powerful men in the world; Winston Churchill and from there she aids works her way up to aid in the war effort in many different ways. She’s strong, and not dependant on many people; aka the perfect MC. By the current point in the series her job is completely different. The secondary characters are also wonderful. Many leave and many stay, but they add a certain complexity to the mysteries that add a wonderful vibe to the stories.

The mysteries themselves are absolutely amazing. This series is on the very edge of the cozy spectrum but I’d still count it a cozy because of the general “very little onscreen violence and/or explicit scenes,” cozy rule. However, the mysteries aren’t exactly cozy mysteries, they have more of a spy/light thriller feel to them.

This is hands down one of my favorite historical mystery series. It’s chock full of endearing, complex characters, vibrant settings, and in depth mysteries. You don’t want to miss out of this series!

Books in the Maggie Hope Series:

links are to the reviews that are posted on More Mysteries Please

  1. Mr. Churchill’s Secretary
  2. Princess Elizabeth’s Spy
  3. His Majesty’s Hope
  4. The Prime Minister’s Secret
  5. Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidant
  6. The Queen’s Accomplice

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