Evil in Carnations – Kate Collins


4/5 Carnations

On The Back:

The dating scene can be a killer…

Determined to help her roommate Nikki out of her singles slump, Abby Knight encourages her to give speed dating a try. Of course, Nikki wants the guy at the very bottom of Abby’s list, Jonas Treat a.k.a. ‘Treat the Cheat’ and figures just one date with him couldn’t hurt. But then Jonas is found dead?and evidence points to Nikki as his killer.

To clear Nikki’s name, Abby enlists the help of her hunky ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco. But Marco’s rambunctious extended family turns Abby’s hectic life into a disaster zone. With her patience seriously wilting, and a killer on the loose, Abby is determined to dig herself out of this mess-before someone buries her instead…

My Thoughts:

I started reading this series as a result of crippling boredom late one night last year. I was going through my library’s Overdrive online library and the first book in this series popped up. It was late, and I’d heard of this series, so I figured I’d try it. The first book was entirely unremarkable, I’m not going to lie, but I gave the second book a try, and it was remarkable, I loved it! The rest of the series (with the exception of one book) was also simply amazing. But for some reason I haven’t read a book in this series for almost a year. I’m glad to say that I’ve remedied that now!

For the first third or so of this book I found Abby to be exceedingly childish. She was doing what I absolutely cannot stand an MC to do; begging to investigate. However, after the first third of the book Abby no longer begged, and she became so much more tolerable. The other characters were also great, and I loved the hilarious personal twist in Abby and Marco’s relationship.

The mystery was well plotted. I didn’t suspect the killer until the very end, and the mystery tied up wonderfully. The secondary plotline involving Abby and Marco was also great! I really want more of this plotline and sincerely hope we have more of their families in the future books.

Overall this was a very good book, there’s an enormous chance that I will be reading the next one. Recommend!


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