White House Chef Mystery Series — Julie Hyzy

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Some cozy mystery series take one book to hook you in, but I’ve found that the series I enjoy the most take more than one book. It takes two or even three books to really hook me in most series and the White House Chef series was no exception. I read the first book and didn’t know what to think, and it was the same with the second book. However, by the third book I was hooked!

Ollie is the top chef at the White House. She is literally one of the best MCs I’ve ever read. Recurring characters such as Gav, Bucky, Cyan, Peter, and Tom also make for an extremely colorful and entertaining cast. The White House is also the perfect setting for this series. Ms. Hyzy could and did add not only simply murders but she added international incidents, spies, and other international-related topics to the series.

This series is one of my absolute all-time favorites and I was extremely sad when I found out the series ended after the ninth book. However, because Ms. Hyzy knew the series would end at the ninth book ahead of time, she neatly wrapped up the story. (I still want more though!)

If you’re looking for a solid series that’s complete with amazing plotlines, thriller-type subplots, and a very human cast check this series out. I promise you’ll be hooked and want more, even after the ninth book!

Books in the White House Chef Mystery Series:

links are to reviews already on More Mysteries Please

  1. State of the Onion
  2. Hail to the Chef
  3. Eggsecutive Orders
  4. Buffalo West Wing
  5. Affairs of Steak
  6. Fonduing Fathers
  7. Home of the Braised
  8. All the President’s Menus
  9. Foreign Eclairs

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