Library Lover’s Mystery Series — Jenn McKinlay

I haven’t done a recommendations post in a while, so I thought I’d add another one to my growing list of posts in this series.

Jenn McKinlay knows how to juggle. Not necessarily balls or bowling pins (though it would be amazing if it turned out that she did!), but she knows how to juggle writing multiple series at once. For three years in a row Ms. McKinlay was turning out four different books in four different series per year. Now she’s cut it back to three, but I;ve read the first in all of her series but one, and they were all wonderful firsts! However, Ms. McKinlay hooked me with one series that I’ve kept up with until today; the Library Lover’s Mystery Series.

Lindsey Norris is a wonderful MC, full of spunk and know-how, she’s one smart woman who knows a little of everything. Though Lindsey honestly isn’t the main reason I come back to these books; it’s the other secondary characters and the setting that keeps me coming back. Sully, Robbie, Beth, Violet, Mary, and the other friends and community members around Lindsey that really make these books stand out.

The setting in these books is also wonderful, I really want to go to Briar Creek and stay for a week (or maybe forever)! They mysteries are almost always strong and they leave you thinking. Really this series is great! The last two books haven’t been as good as the first four, nevertheless they were still solid mysteries. I’m keeping this series on my shelf for awhile yet and I’m genuinely excited for the next one!

Books in the Library Lover’s Mystery series

links are to reviews posted on More Mysteries Please

  1. Books Can Be Deceiving
  2. Due or Die
  3. Book, Line, and Sinker
  4. Read It and Weep
  5. On Borrowed Time
  6. A Likely Story
  7. Better Late Than Never



One thought on “Library Lover’s Mystery Series — Jenn McKinlay

  1. Mark

    I am up to date in Jenn’s Hat Shop and Cupcake series, but I haven’t started this one. Yet. I plan to get to at least the first book before the year it out.

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