Book Haul 3/18

I absolutely love getting new books, and sharing what I got with others is almost as god as buying new books. This book I’ve had almost no time to read, and it’s practically killing me. However, these new books should be a balm to help me until I can get reading again. Feel free to comment your recent haul in the comments! All of these books were actually bought at a local thrift store.

Total Books: 19

Total Amount Spent: $8

If Fried Chicken Could Fly & If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion — Paige Shelton Been wanting to read it, only 25 cents each!

Wound Up in Murder — Betty Hechtman Super cheap.

If Hooks Could Kill — Betty Hechtman May resell this because it’s pretty far down in the series. However, I have the first book on my shelf so I’ll probably wait.

Dread on Arrival — Claudia Bishop Again, I may resell this, it’s like super far down in the series.

Murder of an Open Book — Denise Swanson Super cheap.

The Diva Frosts a Cupcake — Krista Davis Already read, but I don’t have a copy, so now I do!

All Fudged Up — Nancy Coco Have this on my Nook but based on whether I like it or not I may give this away.

The Wolfe Window & The Marsh Madness — Victoria Abbott Read the first in this series awhile ago, these are the the 3rd and 4th.

In The Still of the Night — Jill Churchill Sounds pretty good

A Catered Fourth of July — Isis Crawford Super cheap.

A Root Awakening — Kate Collins I need to resume this series.

Dead as a Scone & The Final Crumpet — Ron and Janet Benrey May resell these also, but it was both in the series, so I picked them up.

Design on a Crime, Decorating Schemes, & Interior Motives — Ginny Aiken Yet again, I may resell these. This is the entire series so I may not, though.

Twanged — Carol Higgins Clark Super cheap.

I’m super pleased with the prices I got for these books!

Review for The Broken Spine by Paige Shelton coming soon!


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