Cozy Mystery Publishers: Who Are They?

I’ve had people ask me how I judged mass market paperback cozy mysteries from the rest of the MMP romances and other genres on the shelves of your local used bookstore, thrift store, or library book sale. I almost always have the same answer for them; look at the spine of the book for the publisher’s logo.

When I started enjoying cozy/traditional mysteries I was lost, there were so many of them, but I soon began to build up my library by looking at the publisher of the book. Many publishers in the cozy mystery world don’t only publish one series, they publish many series.

Through this post series I am going to hit on the two major, three settled, and one up-and-coming cozy mystery publisher; Berkley Prime Crime/Obsidian, Kensington, Minotaur, Henery Press, Midnight Ink, and Crooked Lane Books. These are in no way the only publishers that publish cozy mysteries, but these six publishers do make up an extremely high percentage of the cozy mysteries that are published.

Stay tuned; these posts will drop soon!


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