Rebel Without a Cake – Jacklyn Brady


4.5/5 Wilderness Stars

On The Back:

Halloween is approaching, and the co-owners of Zydeco Cakes, Rita Lucero and her former mother-in-law, Miss Frankie, have scored a sweet treat—a fantastic catering opportunity that could lead to a rich future for their bakery. But their good news is quickly rattled by a bump in the night when Miss Frankie’s neighbor, Bernice, barrels into her kitchen toting a Bible and a gun, and serves up a story about a ghost at her window.

Bernice swears she just saw the ghost of her moonshiner uncle who disappeared in the swamp fifteen years ago. And when her cousin soon goes missing in the same swamp, Bernice is certain someone’s playing a nasty trick, and convinces Rita and Miss Frankie to help her investigate. They’ll just need to watch their steps, as these ladies are liable to get mired in a very swampy mystery…

My Thoughts:


Another wonderful book in a great series, Rebel Without a Cake was a worthy addition to one of the top series I look forward to reading!

The MC Rita is wonderful. She’s full of spunk, yet at the same time she can be vulnerable. This is exactly what I look for in a MC. I want him/her to be human. Not simply a goody two shoes, but not depressing, wither. I want my MC to be realistic but optimistic if that makes sense. However, the MC’s right hand man at her shop, Ox, is absolutely horrible. He’s antagonizing and rude and so many other things. I really wish Ms. Brady would either do away with him or completely have him do a 360.

There is a love triangle in this series, but both love interests know about each other, which makes it work. I’d still rather it be resolved, but I like both of them equally so I’m not wanting one of them to die or something that drastic.

The mystery is always wonderfully plotted.You knew who the killer was a few minutes before the killer reached the peaking point of their anger, but the mystery had many twists and turns throughout it. My favorite part about it, however, was the simple fact that the MC, Rita did not use “badgering” tactics to investigate. In fact, she did very little investigating in the whole book; all of the clues simply fell into her lap.

Overall, Rebel Without a Cake was a wonderful book. I loved the secondary plot line with Edie, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one! I also just found out that this author is a pseudonym for Sammi Carter. I have Sammi Carter’s first book in her candy shop series on my shelf now. Needless to say that just moved way up the TBR list.



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