Written in Stone – Ellery Adams


3.5/5 Food Festival Stars

On The Back:

When Munin Cooper, known as the Witch of Oyster Bay, warns Olivia Limoges that death is coming, neither of them realize that it is the older woman herself who will soon be found dead. And Olivia’s instincts tell her that something—or someone—more sinister than a mystical force is at play… Olivia has a lot on her plate preparing for the Coastal Carolina Food Festival. When she hears the news of Munin’s untimely death, however, finding the murderer takes priority. The witch left behind a memory jug full of keepsakes that Olivia knows must point to the killer—but she’s got to figure out what they mean. With handsome Police Chief Rawlings by her side, Olivia starts to identify some of the jug’s mysterious contents—and finds its secrets are much darker than she suspected. Now Olivia must enlist the help of the Bayside Book Writers to solve the puzzle behind the piece of pottery and put an end to a vengeful killer before any more damage can be done…

My Thoughts:

I originally started this book about a year ago, but I added it to my dnf shelf after the MC purposely hit another person’s car for a mistake the person made. However, as it was the only book that I haven’t finished, and I enjoyed the other books in this series, I picked it back up.

Let me start by saying the MC had no right to purposely drive her car into the back of someone else’s car. The MC was following an older man and his probably mistress. She becomes angry at them for careless behavior, and when the mistress throws a cigarette out of the car window the cigarette hits a child on the street and minorly burns them. Because of that action the MC, Olivia, decided to drive her larger vehicle into the back of their convertible. Oh, excuse me, when is it EVER appropriate to purposely cause an accident. It isn’t period. Unless you’re chasing a killer, which she wasn’t, that was not her place to do that.

Besides that I liked Olivia and the rest of the characters. The mystery was also good, I didn’t see who the killer was until the last moment, and there was twists and turns leading up the the unveiling.

Overall a pretty good book. I still can’t believe the author had the MC purposely do that, but besides that, this was an enjoyable book. I will be reading the next one.


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