Booktown Mystery Series – Lorna Barrett

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Lorna Barrett is certainly one of the most well-known authors of a cozy series and her Booktown mystery series is perhaps also one of the most well-known cozy mystery series. I’ve tried almost all of the major cozy series by now and they’ve been all hit or miss for me. Some I adore and read religiously, and others I hate and throw them on the pile that I resell to a local used book store, however the Booktown series is one of those series that I love.

Tricia moves to Stoneham, New Hampshire, to open a mystery bookstore. In fact, the entire town of Stoneham is filled with bookstore after bookstore, an idea of town leaders to try and revitalize the economy of the small town. What a dream this would be! To live in a town with a bookstore would be heaven for me, but to live in a town with multiple bookstores; that’s almost too much to handle. (A few of the bookstores mentioned are romance, travel, cooking, mystery, crafting, household, etc) Tricia’s sister Angelica also moves to the town soon after, and Angelica is an absolute hoot! I never tire of reading about these two strong, independent, hilarious women.

The mystery plots are always well crafted, though I must say the last few books have had a more suspenseful buildup to the end. Perhaps one of the best things about this series is the fact that Tricia doesn’t always have a love interest. For most of the series she stands on her own, and it works! Ms. Barrett has proven that a cozy mystery MC can survive without a love interest by her side.

Overall this is a wonderful series. It was actually one of the first cozy mystery series that I read, and I absolutely devoured it. It’s a medium-length (in the cozy mystery world) series leaning towards long with the tenth book being released this year, but it does not feel like it! I always enjoy reading about Tricia and Angelica and highly recommend this series!

Books in the Booktown Mystery Series:

links are to the reviews that are posted on More Mysteries Please

  1. Murder is Binding
  2. Bookmarked for Death
  3. Bookplate Special
  4. Chapter and Hearse
  5. Sentenced to Death
  6. Murder on the Half Shelf
  7. Not the Killing Type
  8. Book Clubbed
  9. A Fatal Chapter
  10. Title Wave



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