A Taste Fur Murder – Dixie Lyle


4.5/5 Telepathic Stars

On The Back:

Introducing an animal-loving Gal Friday with a telepathic cat, a shapeshifting dog, and a ghost of a chance of solving supernatural crime…

Meet Deirdre “Foxtrot” Lancaster. Trusted employee of eccentric zillionairess Zelda Zoransky, Foxtrot manages a mansion, a private zoo, and anything else that strikes her boss’s fancy. Her job title is Administrative Assistant, but chaos handlerwould be more accurate. Especially after she glimpses a giant ghost-beast in Zelda’s pet cemetery. For some strange reason, Foxtrot is seeing animal spirits. And, ready or not, the fur’s about to hit the fan…

Still reeling, Foxtrot comes home to find her cat, Tango—her dead cat Tango—alive and well and communicating telepathically. But that’s not all: There’s an ectoplasmic dog named Tiny who changes breeds with a shake of his tail…and can sniff out a clue like nobody’s business. So when a coworker drops dead while organizing closets, Tiny is on the case. Can Foxtrot and her new companions ferret out the killer among a menagerie of suspects—human and otherwise—before death takes another bite?

My Thoughts:

A wonderfully unique beginning to a series that I’m sure I’ll read more of; A Taste Fur Murder was a winsome first book.

The characters were eccentric in a great way; ZZ was everything a crazy millionaire should be, Foxtrot was appropriately shocked and amazed at her new abilities and the rest of the characters were great. I really like how the author incorporated so much detail about Foxtrot’s abilities. I feel like I understood the book better thanks to that.

The mystery was great, the killer wasn’t too surprising, but there was a limited pool of suspects to choose from so I doubt I would have been surprised regardless. The only real down point to this book was that it took me awhile to get in to, but recently every book’s been that way.

Overall a great book. I’ll be reading the next one!


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