Mattie Winston Mystery Series – Annelise Ryan

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I think this is the only series (that I’m caught up with) where I’ve given every single book a five-star rating. Many other series came close, but this is the only one that hit the mark, and I am extremely excited to say that Annelise Ryan has confirmed that she will be writing at least three more in this series. Ms. Ryan does a superb job blending humor and realism together to create an absolutely compelling mystery.

Mattie is a nurse who”s involved in a scandal at the hospital where she works. To escape the scandal, and the resulting gossip about it, she accepts a deputy coroner’s position. Mattie is hilarious and makes hilarious mess ups that I could see myself doing in her position. Set in small-town Wisconsin, Mattie never goes above the police to solve a case, but instead it’s part of her job to work with the police.

Filled with hilarious characters and their missteps. Though not the most popular series; this series is definitely a winner.

Books in the Mattie Winston Mystery series

links are to reviews posted on More Mysteries Please

  1. Working Stiff
  2. Scared Stiff
  3. Frozen Stiff
  4. Lucky Stiff
  5. Board Stiff
  6. Stiff Penalty
  7. Stiff Competition

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