Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante – Susan Elia MacNeal


3.5/5 Freedom Stars

On The Back:

December 1941. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C., along with special agent Maggie Hope. Posing as his typist, she is accompanying the prime minister as he meets with President Roosevelt to negotiate the United States’ entry into World War II. When one of the First Lady’s aides is mysteriously murdered, Maggie is quickly drawn into Mrs. Roosevelt’s inner circle—as ER herself is implicated in the crime. Maggie knows she must keep the investigation quiet, so she employs her unparalleled skills at code breaking and espionage to figure out who would target Mrs. Roosevelt, and why. What Maggie uncovers is a shocking conspiracy that could jeopardize American support for the war and leave the fate of the world hanging dangerously in the balance.

My Thoughts:

Though an engaging book, Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante was in no way one of the best in this series.

The main characters in this series take some getting used to. They are harder than many cozy* characters but once you break the “ice” of the first book they become lovable. In this book, John, one of the main characters, experienced many changes in his life and I have to say I was disappointed in a lot of them. I don’t know if the author grew tired of his character or what, but it seemed that John was almost a different character than in many earlier books. Aunt Edith, a character we read about but never meet, was also way different than she was described earlier on in this series.

The mystery was good. The reader knew the perpetrators almost from the start, but Maggie didn’t and the author did a wonderful job of making me feel like I was along for the ride.

Overall an okay book, I added an extra half of a star because the book was extremely engrossing, it kept me hooked and wanting more. I will stay with this series for at least one more book, and from there; who knows?

*classifying this book as a cozy could be a bit of a stretch; however I still see it as a cozy albeit on the edges of the cozy spectrum


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