A Cookie Before Dying – Virginia Lowell


4/5 Vegetable-shaped Sugar Cookies

On The Back:

On a stormy night, Olivia Greyson and her Yorkie discover the body of a man stabbed to death-which looks suspiciously like the intruder seen fleeing the local health food store The Vegetable Plate. Charlene Critch, owner of The Vegetable Plate, has a grudge against Olivia’s cookie cutter shop, but could Charlene be hiding a secret serious enough to kill for?

My Thoughts:

A very good second book, A Cookie Before Dying was a very strong book with very minor problems. In this book Livie’s dog, Spunky, becomes extremely agitated one night and wants to go out. When he won’t take no for an answer, Livie takes him outside and, much to her surprise, she finds a dead man. With the help of Maddie, Livie’s best friend, and, of course, Spunky Livie must find the killer before the killer puts one of her loved ones behind bars forever.

I love the characters in this book. Livie, Del, Maddie, and all of their friends and family are well thought out, possibly a little bit eccentric, yet wonderful. In the first book I found Maddie slightly annoying, but, I’m pleased to say that I didn’t find her annoying at all in this book. However, the one major character that annoyed me was Livie’s brother, Jason. He was seriously ignorant and I feel like the entire book would have improved without him.

The mystery was very good, a lot of false clues and valid suspects were present and the ending wasn’t extremely shocking, but yet it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall a very good book with only one bad character. A Cookie Before Dying gets 4/5 stars. I’ll read the next one!


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