Dead Over Heels – Charlaine Harris


4/5 Graveyards

On The Back:

What’s the world coming to when you cant relax with a glass of ice-cold beverage in your own backyard without a body falling from the sky into your garden?

Part-time librarian and amateur investigator Roe Teagarden has good reason to ask herself this question when the remains of one of the Lawrenceton, Georgia police departments finest catapults into her flower bed. The mystery deepens as two federal agents arrive to investigate the murder. Its only when Madeleine the cat provides a clue that Roe begins to realize that using her yard as a temporary landfill may have been no accident and that Roe herself could be in terrible danger.

My Thoughts:

The Aurora Teagarden series has become one of my go-to series when I need a fast, good read and this book was no disappointment. In Dead Over Heels Aurora and Angel are in their backyard when a body suddenly falls from a plane and drops into their backyard. Soon after when a woman Aurora has an argument with gets severely beaten, and other questionable events happen Aurora finds herself scared and wondering if this maniac is after her or her friend, Angel.

Many sleuths in the cozy subgenre break down when they see a body, which is perfectly understandable, but Aurora is different, she logically makes sure the body is deceased before calling the police and she takes it all in stride, it’s a nice change from most of the other cozy sleuths. I absolutely love Angel and Shelby and I hope that they will return in future books.

The mystery was outstanding, the one main clue the author dangled out in front of you was not obvious and yet obvious at the same time. The killer completely surprised me, and I have to admit I was scared something would happen to Roe or Martin by the end.

Overall an excellent book, I have only one minor complaint; so much stuff happened between this book and the last that it took awhile to get used to it. However, as that’s my only complaint Dead Over Heels gets 4/5 stars.


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