Heirs and Graces – Rhys Bowen


4/5 Newfound Heirs

On The Back:

As thirty-fifth in line for the throne, Lady Georgiana Rannoch may not be the most sophisticated young woman, but she knows her table manners. It’s forks on the left, knives on the right, not in His Majesty’s back.

Here I am thinking the education I received at my posh Swiss finishing school would never come in handy. And while it hasn’t landed me a job, or a husband, it has convinced Her Majesty the Queen, and the Dowager Duchess to enlist my help. I have been entrusted with grooming Jack Altringham, the Duke’s newly discovered heir fresh from the Outback of Australia, for high society.

The upside is I am to live in luxury at one of England’s most gorgeous stately homes. But upon arrival at Kingsdowne Place, my dearest Darcy has been sent to fetch Jack, leaving me stuck in a manor full of miscreants, none of whom are too pleased with the discovery of my new ward.

And no sooner has the lad been retrieved than the Duke announces he wants to choose his own heir. With the house in a hubbub over the news, Jack’s hunting knife somehow finds its way into the Duke’s back. Eyes fall, backs turn, and fingers point to the young heir. As if the rascal wasn’t enough of a handful, now he’s suspected of murder. Jack may be wild, but I’d bet the crown jewels it wasn’t he who killed the Duke.

My Thoughts:

Another entertaining book in a stellar series. In Heirs and Graces Georgie goes to help teach and prep a newfound heir to one of England’s largest fortunes. With the reappearance of Belinda and Darcy and the introduction to new characters this book was an entertaining, quick read that I enjoyed.

I really love Georgie and Darcy as a couple, though this book wasn’t nearly as good as the last and it didn’t have as many parts with both of them together, the arts where they were together were executed wonderfully, they are perfect for each other. Belinda again appears as a surprise in this book, and it is hinted that Georgie may be a bit jealous of Belinda in a few areas of the book. Honestly, I’m tired of Belinda, I find the fact that she gate-crashes at so many parties annoying at this point, but she is still a solid character.

The mystery was very good, by this book Georgie has seen quite a few dead bodies and many people seem surprised that she can stomach it, and furthermore investigate. The killer was surprising, I did not ever expect them. but at the same time the mystery was lacking. I don’t know why but something just didn’t come off as right to me.

Overall a very good book, not as good as the last, but still a good, quality book that I’m sure you’d enjoy. With great characters, but failure to hold up the standard that was set in the last book Heirs and Graces gets 4/5 stars.


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