The Last Suppers – Diane Mott Davidson


3.5/5 Chocolate-Mint Wedding Cakes

On The Back:

It should be the happiest day of Goldy the  caterer’s life. After years of putting the disaster of  her first marriage behind her, she has finally  found the courage to love again. Soon she’ll be  walking down the aisle of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church to  wed the man of her dreams, Tom Schulz, a homicide  detective who shares Goldy’s passions for  preparing food and solving crimes.

But moments after  Goldy’s put the finishing touches on the scrumptious  wedding feast, and just before the ceremony begins,  she receives an urgent phone call from the groom.  The wedding is off, and the reason is a killer.

My Thoughts:

Another wonderful book in what is turning out to be a solid series. The Last Suppers takes us to Goldy and Tom’s wedding, however a cryptic phone call comes from Tom and then he disappears. Goldy must find out what’s happened to her fiance and who murdered the priest before the killer kills Tom.

I really like Goldy, she funny, but yet a very strong main character, having suffered abuse from her ex-husband, then having to rebuild her life for her family, she’s great! The rest of the “normal” characters also appeared, Arch, Marla, Julian, and, of course, Tom. Ms. Davidson did a wonderful job of portraying Goldy and her friends and family in a state of shock after Tom is kidnapped, it’s honestly what I’d expect in this situation.

The mystery was good, I figured it out only a few pages before the killer was revealed. There wasn’t as many clues as I’d have liked, but it was still a good, solid mystery that I enjoyed.

However, the book had a couple of drawbacks. It seemed like the author dragged some explanations about Goldy’s church and the priest’s house out forever. I found myself getting distracted by these lengthy descriptions. But yet she did a wonderful job introducing some new characters from the church, I really hope we see Agatha, Zelda, and Lucille in future books.

Overall a good mystery, very good characters, but some lengthy and at times boring descriptions gives The Last Suppers 3.5/5 stars. I’m looking forward to the next book!


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