Royal Blood – Rhys Bowen


4/5 Transylvanian Castles

On The Back:

Penniless and thirty-fourth in line to the throne, Lady Georgiana Rannoch finds herself in a truly draining state of affairs. To escape her hateful brother, Georgie accepts an invitation from the Queen to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania. But at the macabre- looking castle, Georgie finds the bride with blood running down her chin, and a wedding guest is poisoned. Now it’s up to Georgie to save the nuptial festivities before the couple’s vows become: to love and to cherish, till “undeath” do them part…

My Thoughts:

Okay, I admit it, I caved and pushed on through to read this one, even though I try to make it a personal rule not to read more than two books from the same series in a row. I keep that rule, because I find that I get burnt out on characters in a series, especially if it’s a long series, if I read more than two in a row. But I am absolutely NOT burnt out on this series or the characters yet!

Georgie is once again extremely charming and hilarious in her sleuthing. Darcy and Belinda, also, come to Transylvania, though in a more roundabout way in Belinda’s case, so the main crew is on center stage for the majority of this book. You see a lot more of Darcy and more scenes with he and Georgie, also in this book, which is a very good thing, though I still wish Ms. Bowen would reveal more about Darcy and what he does for a living, but he’s still a good, solid character.

A new character joins the cast for this installment, Queenie, a hilarious maid who is employed by Georgiana and is helpless when it comes to doing her job. I really liked Queenie, he didn’t know quite how to be a proper maid, but she tried and was extremely earnest in her trials.

The plot was simply amazing, you couldn’t go wrong with it. A spooky Transylvanian castle, legends of vampires, a few murders, and a royal wedding. It was wonderful. However, the mystery was quite lacking. Before in her books Ms. Bowen has done a wonderful job of plotting the mystery, however in this book it fell quite flat. The murderer was quite obvious, but he was quite detached from what was going on. I like a huge “wow” moment when I read a mystery when the murderer completely blows me away because I never expected them. However, that wasn’t the cast here.

Overall an amazing book with a stellar cast of characters, however a weak mystery plot makes me take off one star, giving Royal Blood 4/5 stars. But I would still recommend this book highly to anyone. Can’t wait for the next one!


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