Royal Flush – Rhys Bowen


On The Back:

With its posh clientele in the country for the summer, Georgie’s housecleaning business has fizzled. So she tries hiring herself out as a dinner-and-theatre companion. But her first client has quite the wrong idea. To avoid further scandal, Georgie’s shipped home to Castle Rannoch, where her summer plans include honoring a promise to Her Majesty to keep Castle Rannoch’s divorcée houseguest from seducing the Prince of Wales. She’s also been coerced into helping Scotland Yard with a top-secret mission – namely keeping an eye on the shooting party at Balmoral and preventing someone from shooting the Prince. And Georgie must manage all this without strangling her odious sister-in-law Fig or spineless brother Binky.

My Thoughts:

Wow, this book was better than the last one, and I thought the last one was amazing! In Royal Flush Georgie goes back to her ancestral home of Rannoch and has to solve a plot concerning all of the people in line to the throne.

I really love Georgie, her innocence alone is hilarious and refreshing. You see quite a bit more of Darcy in this book, also, which isn’t a bad thing, though I wish we’d be told what he does for a living. Belinda again appears, and honestly she’s a bit annoying in this book, constantly correcting Georgie and everything she does.

The mystery was very good, though I guessed the killer about 75 pages before the reveal. And what a reveal that was! It was probably one of the best I’ve read filled with excitement.

I normally don’t read more than two books in one series back to back but the next book looks mighty tempting. Highly recommend!


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