4th of July Haul!!!

Last night I went to a used bookstore near us and today I went to our thriftshop and alltogether I found some great books and great deals!

Number of Books Bought: 15

Money Spent: $17


Stay At Home Dead — Jeffrey Allen Seems like a unique subject for a series, I’m excited for this!

Mistletoe and Mayhem — Kate Kingsbury I love Christmas mysteries and these are supposed to be some of the best!

The Cat, the Professor and the Poison — Leann Sweeney Loved the first one, so hopefully the next two are as good

The Cat, the Liar and the Lady — Leann Sweeney ^^

Needled to Death — Maggie Sefton The next one I need to read in this series

The Cereal Murders — Diane Mott Davidson Same as above

Photo Finished — Laura Childs Same as above


At my local thriftstore ALL books were a quarter.

When in Rome — Ngaio Marsh You can never go wrong with a classic

Knit One, Kill Two — Maggie Sefton I’ve already read this one, but it’s in perfect condition and I really liked it.

Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon — Donna Andrews The one after the next one I need to read in this series.

The Body in the Ivy — Katherine Hall Page Sounds super

One for the Money — Janet Evanovich I’ve heard many good things about this series

A Misty Mourning — Rett MacPherson Sounds interesting

Buried Bones — Carolyn Haines maybe now that I have the 2nd and 3rd in this series I’ll find the first

The Cold Blue Blood — David Handler Sounds really good

A Fatal Grace — Louise Penny I’ve been wanting to read this series for awhile now, so maybe having the second book will inspire me to read the first.

Overall I’m very proud of this. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend!


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