A is for Alibi – Sue Grafton


3/5 Private Investigators

On The Back:

Laurence Fife was a slick divorce lawyer and slippery ladies’ man. Until someone killed him. The jury believed that it was his pretty young wife, Nikki, so they sent her to prison for eight years. Now Nikki’s out on parole and Kinsey Millhone’s in for trouble. Nikki hires Kinsey to discover who really killed her husband. But the trail is eight years cold, and at the end is a chilling twist even Kinsey doesn’t suspect–a second eight-year-old murder and a brand-new corpse.

My Thoughts:

This book was a short, enjoyable read that I thought was overhyped.

I had heard about this series from so many people that simply raved over it, and it was a good book, but it wasn’t my favorite by any stretch. Kinsey was hard to relate to, and I really didn’t like the way the author wrote kind of like the book was a journal. I suppose it was meant to add to the PI aspect of the mystery but it fell flat to me.

If you’ve read this book there are 4 murders, and out of those four three of them fell flat to me, but the first murder was wonderfully written. With the last three murders, however, the killer was obvious.

Overall not a bad book. I don’t know if I’ll read the next, but this book won’t go in the give away pile yet. Recommend if you like a slightly less than cozy mystery.


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