A Rose from the Dead – Kate Collins


3/5 Funeral Home Conventions

On The Back:

In New Chapel, Indiana, flower shop owner Abby Knight worries about her business failing. She needs new customers and knows that flowers and funerals go together like bacon and eggs. Thus she decides to open up a “tasteful” floral booth at the Funeral Director Society’s annual convention.On the down side, Abby will deal with some creepy souls who appreciate the DEARLY DEPOTTED as no one else can dig them. For instance, the Colonel who is president of the FDS is the self-anointed Master Mortician who insists he knows everything there is in converting a corpse into a living tribute and is willing to tell anyone who is not afraid to ask him for a consultation. Then there is the environmental ground-hugger Eli “Green Guy” Cotton who believes Kermit is right that grieving relatives should send their loved ones off in green.The lively gala turns morbid when cosmetician to the dead Sybil “the Diva of Death Masks” Blount is killed. Unable to resist, Abby investigates who was drumming up business.

My Thoughts:

With a more obnoxious main character and a shaky mystery A Rose from the Dead was probably the worst book in this series yet.

As I said above the MC, Abby was very obnoxious in this book. She was a know-it-all who didn’t want one of her friends to help investigate the cast because she was afraid they’d solve it before her. That’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Also she made a few reckless moves in this book that made her look stupid. Marco, also, in this book made a few unwise of blatantly obvious wrong choices in this book. However, most of the minor characters were their normal selves, Grace, Lottie, Reilly, and Nikki were all the normal fun characters they’ve always been.

The mystery was flimsy at best, the killer was portrayed early on and the last “suspenseful” scene was faintly reminiscent of the final scene in the last book in this series, Acts of Violets.

Overall probably the worst book so far in the series, but I’ll read the next one because the ones before this were very entertaining.


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