Acts of Violets – Kate Collins


5/5 Flower-topped Cakes

On The Back:

During the annual Pickle Fest, Abby’s boyfriend Marco inexplicably disappears for a day. When he returns, he’s the main suspect in the death of a clown. It seems the cops have found Snuggles pushing up water-spurting daisies-and Marco was the last person seen leaving Snuggles’s house. Although Marco is still a mystery to her, Abby knows he’s innocent. Now she has to find a way to prove it.

My Thoughts:

Another great book from a great series! Acts of Violets was a smashing and entertaining mystery filled with intrigue and secrets.

I really like Abby, in the beginning of the series she was simply annoying, but now she’s really grown on me. Grace and Lottie are also two of my favorites. In this book we finally get to learn more about Marco (it was about time) and we get to meet his mother and sister, both of which are hilarious.

The mystery was very good, I didn’t see the killer coming and, even though there was a limited pool of suspects, I can honestly say that the killer was a surprise to me.,

Overall a good book that I really can’t say anything bad about. Recommend!


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