Snoop to Nuts – Elizabeth Lee


3/5 County Fair Competitions

On The Back:

Lindy Blanchard’s family pecan farm is known county-wide, but it’s the goodies her grandmother sells at their store, the Nut House, that really bring in the crowds—until someone turns one of her tasty treats deadly…

The “Most Original Pecan Treat” contest at the Ag Fair is the talk of Riverville, Texas, especially when it’s clear that Miss Amelia Blanchard’s Heavenly Texas Pecan Caviar will take home a blue ribbon. Which is why everyone is amazed when her dish doesn’t even place—and even more shocked when one of the judges, Pastor Jenkins, keels over dead, right after taking a second taste of Miss Amelia’s food.

No one in town truly believes that Amelia would even hurt a fly, but all the evidence points to poor Pastor Jenkins’ death being caused by poison in the caviar. Now, unless Lindy figures out who wanted to frame Amelia for murder, her meemaw may have baked her last famous pecan pie…

My Thoughts:

Well, this book was not as good as the first one. I really liked the first book in this series and I was hoping that this one would live up to it, sadly it didn’t.

The characters were passable, but only barely so in this book. Lindy was extremely obnoxious and very rude to the guy who showed nothing but patience with her, Hunter. Hunter is a sheriff’s deputy and as a deputy he has to do what the sheriff tells him to do, it’s his job. But Lindy takes everything he does personally, it was tiring.

I’m also tired of hearing phrases like “we gotta protect our own” and “the Blanchard family has to stick together.” In the first book it was okay, because Lindy’s brother was the accused, but in this book it was overkill. I mean seriously can you not give people some slack?

The mystery was simply okay, it was a bit too much like the first book’s plot for my taste.

Overall not a very good book. I’ll read the next one, but if it doesn’t improve than I won’t be continuing this series.


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