The Diva Digs Up the Dirt – Krista Davis


5/5 Family Secrets

On The Back:

Trouble in spades… Determined not to be a garden-variety diva, Sophie Winston’s neighbor, Natasha, cultivates a plan to shine on television–using Sophie’s backyard. As the cast and crew of the makeover show “Tear It Up With Troy” bulldoze through her backyard–and vacation–Sophie retreats to her perennial boyfriend Wolf’s to replace a dead rose bush. But her tender deed goes awry when she digs up a purse belonging to Wolf’s missing wife. As speculations sprout, Wolf bolts, and then a body crops up in a garden. Is Wolf’s thorny past raising a dead head? This is one case the domestic diva can’t let wither on the vine…

My Thoughts:

This series is one of my favorites; each mystery keeps getting better and better and the characters are all amazing. THis book was no let down, mixing an old disappearance with a new murder it was action-packed from the get-go!

Sophie was once again a level-headed character who doesn’t mince her words and for this mystery we get to see a lot more of her friend, and across the street neighbor, Nina, and her next door neighbor and friend, Francie helping her with her sleuthing. I was actually wondering where Francie had been when I read the last book, so I’m very glad the author brought her back and put her in a more prominent role with this book.

Wolf was also a much bigger character in this book, because of the simple fact that half of the mystery revolved around him. I actually didn’t care for Wolf that much in this book. I think Ms. Davis did a wonderful job of showing how he and most people would act under his circumstances, but I just really felt like he was rude to Sophie at times in this book.

The mystery was stellar. It combines old and new and the ending was a total surprise; I never expected what happened until it took place.

Overall a very good book, with a semi-cliffhanger ending. I really can’t wait to read the next one and see how Ms. Davis ties up these loose ends!


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