Book Haul — 10 More Books!

I was out in one of the neighboring towns around us today and I went to a few different stores and found 10 more books for the tbr pile!

Total Spent: $5.25

Books Bought: 10

Divergent – Veronica Roth I actually checked this out from the library a while ago but then I found it today and I had to snatch it up

A Royal Pain – Rhys Bowen I was pleasantly surprised when I found this, it is actually the second in the series and I’ve only read the first, so yay.

A Vision of Murder – Victoria Laurie This book looked brand new when I got it from a small thrift store, and I’ve been meaning to start this series.

The Alpine Journey – Mary Daheim I’ve heard this is a decent series, I hope so!

A Death in the Family – Hazel Holt I follow a blog that simply raved over this series awhile ago.

Death By The Light of the Moon – Joan Hess Supposed to be a good series.

The Cat Who Went Into the Closet – Lillian Jackson Braun There were a few more books in this series at the same place I found this one, but this was the only one that really sounded good to me.

One Hot Murder – Lorraine Bartlett I’ve read the first one in this series and I’ve been meaning to get the second one. This is the third.

Margaritas and Murder – Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain Another Murder, She Wrote for the Collection

And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie I’ve heard that this is her best book and I’ve seen an old movie that was based on this, so I decided to pick it up.

Overall a nice relaxing day. Review for Last Wool and Testament coming soon!


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