Dearly Depotted – Kate Collins


5/5 Crazy Cousins

On The Back:

New from the author of Slay It With Flowers Abby has her hands full at her cousin Jillian’s wedding as florist, bridesmaid, and grandma-sitter-all while wearing a hideous dress. Then the groom’s 90-year-old grandmother goes missing from the reception. On her search, Abby finds the corpse of guest Jack Snyder. Now she must find out who killed Jack in the pulpit.

My Thoughts:

Wow, this series just keeps getting better and better! This was an excellent part of what is shaping up to be an excellent series, from crazy cousins to an epic fight scene, this book was wonderful.

Abby is once again back to sleuthing and she’s great at it. I think one of my favorite parts about Abby and this series is the fact that Abby knows that she doesn’t know everything. In this book she makes some mistakes, and when they’re pointed out to her she doesn’t complain of shove the blame on someone else, she fesses up to the  mistakes. She also actually works at her job! That may seem like a given, but in many mysteries the MC supposedly has a job they love, but when they sleuth they never are at the job. This book as a lot of scenes where Abby is actually working, it was a nice change.

This is the first real book where we saw Pryce as he really was, a jerk. Before we’d heard about him and seen him briefly, ut he had never really been in the forefront. In this book, however, he is one of the major supporting characters; I now know why Abby dumped him. You also see character growth in Marco, you learn more about his family and their problems and it shows that he’s an A+ guy.

The mystery was also wonderfully plotted. The killer was never on my suspects list or on Abby’s but they fit in so well that it was great.

Overall an exceptionally well-written and plotted story. Looking forward to the next one!


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