Murder of a Sweet Old Lady – Denise Swanson


4/5 Sweet Old Grandmas

On The Back:

When she left Scumble River years ago, school psychologist Skye Denison thought she’d never be back. But after a run of bad luck in the big city, she has a new appreciation for the down-home charm of small-town life–and decides to start over in the town where she started out…When Skye’s beloved grandmother is found dead in her bed, the family consensus is natural causes. Still, Skye insists on an autopsy–an examination that proves the sweet old lady was, in fact, murdered! But who could have done the deadly deed? Skye is determined to find out, though her snooping doesn’t sit well with the relatives. Family tensions can mean only one thing: family secrets. And when a series of hooligan attacks on Skye’s property leads to an outright physical assault, Skye has to wonder if by exposing the rotten roots of her family tree, she’s one step closer to exposing the killer…

My Thoughts:

I was sick in bed last night and I couldn’t get to sleep, so I pulled out this book and was pleasantly surprised, I rated rated the first book 4 stars also, but honestly I liked this book a lot better.

The characters were great. I found Simon annoying and there was a love triangle forming, but by the end of the book the love triangle was resolved. Also, Skye’s mother was extremely overbearing and seemed to have mood swings throughout this book.

The setting was once again relatable to be and I really like Scumble River as a whole. The mystery was also nicely put together, the killer was projected early on, but it was still a nice murder plot.

Overall a good book. I’ll read the next one!


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